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One of the components of Mpowerment is the M Group. The M Group is a two hour session focused on the topics of sex and dating. This event is open to all 18-29 year old gay/bi/transgender men. At this event, guys have a chance to meet each other, have access to free condoms and lube, and have a chance to win fun prizes, all while getting to talk about issues that matter to them.  The meeting consists of the following components.

M Group Topics

How to meet guys:
Meeting guys in the online age is tough. So we break it down on not only where good places to meet guys are, but also how to approach guys when in certain social situations.

Safe Sex 101
A quick guide on how to properly have safer sex with someone. This session includes information on safer sex as well as HIV testing.

Fun with Condoms and Safe Sex:
This session includes a live condom demonstration and also a fun game that talks about different ways to have safer sex.

How to Negotiate Safer Sex:
In this session we talk about common situations where sex occurs, and we talk about how we can make sure safe sex always occurs.


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